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So you think that a Pointer may be the right breed for you, but you'd like to know more about them?


English Pointers are the original Hunting dogs and are those dogs which are typically depicted in very old paintings. They were bred to work with their master and drop into a "on Point" stance - usually with their tail pointing straight outwards smooth off their back and with one foreleg raised.

Pointers are a breed which are best suited to those who are willing to give them plenty of off lead exercise. One can imagine that if they were bred to hunt their need for exercise is high. They are happiest if given daily off lead exercise.

Pointers do best if they are allowed to join in on family activities. They are a friendly dog who loves nothing more than being around their master. They will not be happy if left outside in the backyard and not given interaction. This can lead to distructive behaviours such as digging or chewing. Pointers have a very short coat so MUST be given adequate bedding. They will develop calouses on their elbows and even stifles (knees) if their bedding is not suitable. They do best to sleep indoors in a room where their are no draughts and it is warm - they feel the cold terribly due to their short coat.

Pointers will give a warning bark to strangers but are not good guard dogs. They will sound the alarm so to speak but will not go through with anything!!! They can however be aloof with strangers.

Pointers will shed all year round with shedding becomming worse at the change of seasons. They do not require much in the grooming department as the hairs naturally fall out. But a weekly check of ears (they are a floppy eared breed so may require a clean), feet, nails and a good brush will keep him free from any issues which may arise.

Pointers are known as the aristocrats of the dog world. As adults they become quite calm and lives peacefully indoors with their owners. Pointer puppies can be a bit boisterous and should be supervised when interacting with small children as they can knock small children over when playing. Pointers take approximately 2-3 years to mature.

Females weigh approximately 20-27kgs with dogs weighing about 25-34kgs. Australia is lucky to have very few incidences of health problems in Pointers. They are a hardy breed.

They come in 4 beautiful colours and can rarely come as solid colours. Orange/white, Black/white, Liver/white & Lemon/white. Orange/white & lemon/white colours are differenciated by the colour of your Pointer's eye rims & nose. If he has a dark eye rim and nose he is an orange white - regardless of his coat markings. If the eye rims and nose are a light flesh colour then he is a lemon - again regardless of his coat colour. Orange and Lemon pointers can come in coat colours that range from a rich orange/tan colour through to a light lemon colour.

Pointers are bred to point birds. Your Pointer may start pointing birds as young as 6 weeks! If you do not what him to "meet" your family chooks in person as an older dog - introduce him at a young age. Pointers can be a little bird focussed when out walking - so recall training is a must.


In short, English Pointers are a very undervalued breed in Australia. Their short low maintenence coat is ideal for Australia's warm climiate. They make superb family dogs and if brought up with chickens/ducks/birds from a young age will respect these as pets. They are a gentle dog with a big heart - all they do require is exercise. They make ideal hunting companions, after all this is what they have been bred for!


If you have any further questions about Pointers or would like to know more - please do not hesitate to contact me.

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